Record Store Day List Announced!


Record Store Day image revolution records FIXED


The Record Store Day 2016 List has been announced! For those of you who may not be familiar with Record Store Day, it is a day to celebrate your local independent records stores (cough cough like, you know, us) and all these shops do for the communities around them. How does one do this you ask? With hundreds of exclusive releases!  Join us in celebration of records, record stores, and the dorks who keep them running. Our doors will open at 8AM on the dot. This year, in addition to ordering in many of the RSD exclusive titles, we’re going to have live music starting at 6PM, featuring Fiction Department, Noah Davis and Co., Instant Karma, and I Heard A Lion.  Below is a link to the list, as well as a link to our Facebook event page.

Fiction Department 6:00
Noah Davis and Co. 6:30
Instant Karma 7:00
I Heard A Lion 7:30



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